Hello there ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the Re-Animated Wiki. This is our Community Portal Page where we come together to figure out which areas of the wiki need improvement. Not only that, but we also come here to discuss other topics related to Re-Animated and Out of Jimmy's Head.

Here's What Areas Need Improvement Edit

1. Some of our pages need a gallery section. Here is a complete list of gallery free pages: 

- Golly Gopher 

- Pickles and Prickles 

- Tux 

- Craig Wheeler

- Robin Wheeler

- Yancy Roberts 

- Sonny Alabaster Appleday

- Ken Roberts 

- Louisa Roberts 

- Milt Appleday

- C. Kingsley Weatherhead 

- Logan 

- Get Along Gary 

- Hairy Harry and The Gnus

Every time a gallery section is added to a page on this list, we will remove that page from this list. To find images, you can either search Google or obtain them from the now defunct Out of Jimmy's Head wiki. 

2. We are looking to add pages for the actors and actresses who were involved in Re-Animated and/or Out of Jimmy's Head. However, since there is a lot of them, we need your help to add as many as you can with accurate and organized information. For now, start with the main cast, like the actors and actresses who play Jimmy Roberts, Robin and Craig Wheeler, Ken Roberts, Louisa Roberts, Sonny Alabaster Appleday, Yancy Roberts, Golly and Dolly Gopher, Crocco, and Tux.

This is all we have for now. If we find anything else that needs improvement, we will definitely add it here!